Tips to keep your engine purring!

​Gas-Saving Tips for Your Auto

Following these simple tips and tricks from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence will help you save on gas!

Check your Tire Pressure: Tire pressure plays a role in your engine’s gas consumption. If your tires are under inflated your vehicle’s engine has to work harder, and use more fuel.

Lighten your Load: Leaving all that extra stuff in your trunk weighs down your vehicle. Clean out the items you don’t actually need in your vehicle to lighten the load and improve mileage.

Consolidate trips and errands: Need to run some errands? Try to plan your trip with efficiency in mind. Avoiding traffic when possible also helps lower fuel consumption.

Avoid excessive idling: When possible, shut off your engine when waiting for family or friends.

Keep to the speed limit: Speeding not only hits your pocket book with speeding tickets, but decreases the amount of miles you get per gallon. Drive safe and smart!

Drive gently: Sudden accelerations or stops can take a large chunk out of your gasoline. Try to anticipate traffic patterns, and adjust your speed gradually.

Learn when to enjoy the breeze: At Highway speeds keeping your windows closed, even with the A/C on, reduces gasoline consumption. Air drag is reduced at highway speeds by keeping your windows up. However, in slower areas, or stop and go traffic, enjoy the breeze by rolling your windows down, and leaving the A/C off (If Possible, this is Houston after all).

Keep up with regular maintenance: Keeping up with your regular maintenance helps a vehicle operate at top efficiency, which maximizes gas mileage. We can help you learn about proper service schedules for your vehicle, or you can check the owner’s manual. Always make sure to have fluids and filters replaced as recommended by your manufacturer. Having engine performance problems (rough idling, poor acceleration, etc.)? Bring it in, and we can help you get things back under control. Given today's high-tech engines, it's wise to have this type of work done by auto technicians who are ASE certified in engine performance. Like the Technicians here at Fournace Shell Auto Care Service Center.

These tips should help you save gas, so you can spend that money on the things that you love!